Converting Cars from NFS 3 or 4 to Re-Volt
A quick basic tutorial written by BurnRubr

The purpose of this tutorial is to give you some idea on how to convert cars from the Need For Speed 3 or 4 series of games and use them as custom addon cars for Re-Volt.
Like anything there is different ways that parts of this can be done.
So this tutorial is just the method that i use as it suits me best.
Once you have the idea on how to do conversions yourself you may even find an easier way to work.
I use CarCad for most of my preparation as CarCad is alot more stable than ZModeler.
For this tutorial I am using the Bonus Porche 911 from NFS 4 High Stakes from Electronic Arts.

This tutorial is broken up in sections giving an overview of each stage of the conversion process.
Section 1 - lists the needed utility programs.
Section 2 -  how to extract the car FCE and TGA files from the NFS car Viv file.
Section 3 - using CarCad to delete unwanted files from the FCE file and resizing the FCE file.
Section 4 -  using ZModeler.
Section 5 - using RV Shade
Section 6 - Final Re-Volt touch up.

Section 1

Needed Utility Program Tools
NFS CarCad 1.5b                                 Web Stite   http://www.nd4spdworld.com/?section=util&v=3
NFS Wizard v0.5.0.79                         
Web Site     http://nfstoolbox.suckosaurus.dk/download.phtml
Z Modeler 1.07 Full Package             Web Site    http://www.zmodeler2.com/index.php
Paint Shop Pro 4 or above                   
Web Site   http://www.jasc.com/
RV Shade  in
rvminis5 package          Web Site   http://www.perror.de/rv/
RV Sizer in 
rvminis5 package            Web Site   http://www.perror.de/rv/
Dos Here                                               Web Site    http://user.tninet.se/~fgo483j/

Get all these utilities and install them.

Section 2

Extraction of the FCE and TGA file from the car Viv file using NFS Wizard v0.5.0.79.
This version works with NFS 3 or 4 Car Viv files.

Okay start up NFS  Wizard.
Use the Explorer menu on the left to locate the folder where your car Viv is stored.
Once you have found where your car Viv is located then double click on the Viv file.
The menu on the right in the screen shot will appear and list all the contents of the Viv file.
Hightlight the car FCE file by clicking on it once with the left mouse button.

VivWizard.jpg (201406 bytes)

Then use the right mouse button to bring up the import and export options of   NFS  Wizard.

extract.jpg (51957 bytes)

Choose Export and save as a NFS  FCE file.
Do the same with the Car00 TGA file saving as a TGA file.
I then use Paint Shop Pro 5 to load up the Car00.TGA file and save as a Car00.BMP file.
You now have the files that you need for the conversion.

Section 3

Using CarCad 1.5b.

CarCad can be used  on NFS 3 or 4 car FCE files.
You need to select the correct  FCE file type
CarCad.jpg (89717 bytes)

Make sure you select NFSIII FCE File for an NFS 3 Car FCE and NFSIV FCE File for an NFS 4 Car FCE.
As if you select the wrong version for the FCE file you are trying to load then CarCad will come up with an error message then the program will exit back to windows.
Once your FCE file is loaded into CarCad remove all the Dummy files as they are not needed.
Dummy.jpg (51216 bytes)

Open the Dummies file editor.
Click on remove and you will get the Remove selected dummy Are you sure requester.
Press the enter key and the dummy will be removed.
Keep doing this until all the dummy files have been removed from the car FCE file.
Now it is time to use the Parts editor.
All the parts of the FCE file have names.
The names used as parts are as follows.
These are the ones known to me at this time.

HB - High Detail Body
MB - Medium Detail Body
LB - Low Detail body
TB - Totaled Body
OL - Outside Lights
HLFW  -  High Left Front Wheel
HRFW  -  High Right Front Wheel
HRRW  - High Right Rear Wheel
HLRW  -  High Left Rear Wheel
MRRW  - Medium Right Rear Wheel
MLRW -  Medium Left Rear Wheel
MRFW -  Medium Right Front Wheel
MLFW -  Medium Left Rear Wheel
OT -  Convertable Top/roof
ORM - Outside Right Mirror
OLM - Outside Left Mirror
ORB - Outside Right Brake
OLB - Outside Left Brake
OC - Cockpit
OD - Dash
OH - Drivers Head
ODL - Dash Light

Not all cars will contain all the parts that I have listed.

Depending on if you are doing a sedan or a convertable car determines what parts you keep.
If you are doing a sedan with solid windows and no interior detail you only need to keep the following parts.
HB - High Detail Body
HRRW  - High Right Rear Wheel
HLRW  -  High Left Rear Wheel
ORM - Outside Right Mirror
OLM - Outside Left Mirror

The  OL - Outside Lights are optional depending on if you want to have your headlights in the raised  lights on position.I prefer not to include them myself.

If doing a convertable with the top down you will also need to keep.
OC - Cockpit
OD - Dash
OH - Drivers Head
ODL - Dash Light

The OT -  Convertable Top/roof can be included as a spinner part.
You can have 2 sets of parameters for you car.
On set that does not use the OT Top so the roof is not on the car and the driver/dash is visable.
The other set can have the OT top mounted to give the car a roof.

The parts are deleted in a similar way as to deleting dummy files except you use the Parts menu list.

carCad3.jpg (135037 bytes)

In my Bonus Porsche 911 example i have only keep the HB OLM ORM HLRW HRRW.
Which are the High Body,Left Mirror,Right Mirror,Left Rear Wheel and Right Rear Wheel.
The only time you need to keep all 4 wheels is if the front wheels are a different size to the rear wheels.
I also use car CarCad to rename the parts.
I rename HB to Body0.
I rename Left Rear Wheel to Left0.
I rename Right Rear Wheel to Right0.
I have left the mirrors as I will merge them to to Body0 in ZModeler and name the Merged file Body0.

When you are all done deleting the unused parts of your car and rescaling  you then save the FCE file as an NFSIV FCE file so that ZModeler can load it.

Section 4

Using Zanoza Modeler 0.99
Also refered to as ZModeler.
Your ZModeler layout may look different to mine as you can change the way ZModeler looks.
ZMod1.jpg (226458 bytes)

Use the file Import option of ZModeler and Import your modified car FCE File.
As this car has external mirrors I shall attach them to the Body first.
ZMod2.jpg (229193 bytes)

Tick the Body0,OLM,ORM parts.
Press the select all button.
Then press the Create then Objects and Unite Select menus.
You then click on the highlight red car body and a requester box will pop up.
Change the name union to Body0 and press the OK box.
I then resave the FCE file as a NFS FCE File again.
This makes sure I have working file I can got back to if things go wrong from now on.
As it is in the following stages where I have had ZModeler crash on me and lose all my work.
That is why I used CarCad over ZModeler in the earlier stages as well.
I now save everything as a Re-Volt PRM file called Body0.prm.
Now I minimise ZModeler and start up Windows Explorer.
Using Windows Explorer and browse to where I have saved the Prm files.
I then then make some new folders called Body,Left and Right inside that folder.
I then copy the Car00.BMP into each of those 3 folders along with the zm_model.inf file.
I then copy Body0.prm to the Body folder.
Then I copy Left0.prm to the Left folder.
Finally I copy the Right0.prm to the right folder.
I keep the PRM files in seperate files as ZModeler will overwrite every prm that it finds in a current folder.
Then I return to ZModeler and new all so I have a blank working area.
Using the import option Import the Body0.prm from the body folder.
You should see the only the textured car body.
Highlight Body0.prm0 and press select all.
This turns all of the model red.
Now press E on the keyboard to bring up the materials editor.
Select material name Car00.bmp.
Alpha type Unused.
Tick Primary Texture then push the load map button and choose Car00.BMP then press the apply button.
ZMod3.jpg (179249 bytes)
Now is the time to do the car attributes.
Use the edit Menu then Attributes to bring up the attributes box.
Choose Textured Car00.bmp then press the ok button.
ZMod5.jpg (214761 bytes)
Save your Prm as Body0.prm.
You body Prm file is now done.
Clear the ZModeler screen using the new file option.
Repeat the the above 2 steps with the Left0.prm and Right0.prm.
When done you can close Zmodeler as with luck you have finished with it.

Open up windows Explorer again.
You now need to see how your model looks in the game.
I then make a copy of  the stock Toyeca Re-Volt car.
I rename the folder to test.
I copy the Body0.prm,Left0.prm and Right0.prm and Car00.bmp into my folder called test.
Make a copy of the Left0.prm and Right0.prm and rename to Left1.prm and Right1.prm.
Then change the following car parameters text to as follows then save it.

Name     "TEST CAR"

; Model Filenames

MODEL     0     "cars\test\Body0.prm"
MODEL     1     "cars\test\Left0.prm"
MODEL     2     "cars\test\Right0.prm"
MODEL     3     "cars\test\Left1.prm"
MODEL     4     "cars\test\Right1.prm"
MODEL     5     "NONE"
MODEL     6     "NONE"
MODEL     7     "NONE"
MODEL     8     "NONE"
MODEL     9     "NONE"
MODEL     10     "NONE"
MODEL     11     "NONE"
MODEL     12     "NONE"
MODEL     13     "NONE"
MODEL     14     "NONE"
MODEL     15     "NONE"
MODEL     16     "NONE"
MODEL     17     "cars\misc\Aerial.m"
MODEL     18     "cars\misc\AerialT.m"
TPAGE     "cars\test\Car00.bmp"
COLL     "cars\test\hull.hul"
EnvRGB     200 200 200

At this stage nothing else is changed in the parameters text file.
Except for the Model Filenames section.

Now is the time to fire up your Re-Volt game and select your test car.
Choose a track and load it up.
Now look how my Bonus Porsche 911 conversion looks in Re-Volt
RV1.jpg (33379 bytes)
It is all black.
But don't panic that is how it is meant to look.
As it means your conversion has worked.

Section 5

Using RV Shade with Dos Here.
I now quit Re-Volt and go back to using Windows Explorer.
I browse to the test car folder in the Re-Volt cars folder.
I then highlight the test folder and select open with Dos Here.
I now have an MS Dos box open in my test car folder.
Rv Shade is then used to modify all the Prm files so they do no appear black in the game of Re-Volt.
I enter the follwing dos command lines.
rvshade body0.prm n 200 200 200
rvshade left0.prm n 200 200 200
rvshade left1.prm n 200 200 200
rvshade right0.prm n 200 200 200
rvshade right1.prm n 200 200 200
Once done you can look at you car again in the game.
It should now look like this.
RV2.jpg (60406 bytes)

Section 6
As you can see the car has alot of transparent sections.
But that is okay as everything has worked as it should.
Quit Re-Volt once again.
Load up Paint Shop Pro again.
Open up your Car00.bmp
Time to change the palette colours.
What I do is decrease the car00.bmp  texture colours to 256 colours.
psp1.jpg (130222 bytes)

Then I  change all the RGB values of 0 0 0 to RGB values of 15 15 15.To make the black not be transparent in Re-Volt.
Save your changes.
Your car should now look like this in Re-Volt.

RV3.jpg (51827 bytes)
You have now successfully converted an NFS car for use in Re-Volt.
But you are not finished yet.
Also I have found that alot of NFS Cars need to be scaled down smaller to look right in Re-Volt.
I use a setting of between  90 % and 98 myself depending on the car.
The actual scale used will vary.
However it is up to you if you rescale the car or not and what scale you use.
To scale the car I use RV-Sizer.

Now is time to make changes to the parameters text to get the wheels ,body and aerial in the right place.
Also adjust the way the car handles to your liking.

This is how my  NFS 4 Bonus Porsche 911 looks as a finished custom car conversion.

finish.jpg (57582 bytes)

This tutorial was written by BurnRubr.
Thanks to  Jesper Juul-Mortensen for NFS WIZARD.
Thanks to  Chris Barnard for NFS CARCAD.
Thanks to  Oleg  Melaahenko for Zanoza Modeler.
Thanks to  Jasc Software for Paint Shop Pro.
Thanks to  Alexander Kroeller for Rv Shade and all his other great Re-Volt utilities.Thanks heaps Ali.
Thanks to  Joakim P  for dos here.